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Isfahan is one of the major tourist destinations in Iran and annually lots of tourists visit this ancient city. There are two types of hotels in Isfahan: modern hotels and traditional houses. Modern hotels are like ordinary hotels all over the world and traditional hotels are old houses which have been changed to hotels for those travelers interested in old places. In this article, we will introduce the 5 top-rated hotels in Isfahan based on travelers’ ranks on TripAdvisor.

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Hasht Behesht Apartment Hotel

One of the main advantage of this apartment hotel is its good location that from which you will have easy access to most of historical and ancient sightseeing and it is just five-minute walk from Imam Square. The rooms are big enough and clean. The kitchens are well equipped with fridge, electric stove, electric water kettle, dining table sets, pots and pans. So, you have the option to cook for yourself. Breakfast will be delivered and served at your room each morning and it has very friendly and helpful staff. All these advantages have caused this hotel to be chosen as the most favorite hotel between travelers. (Hotel Iran )

Abbasi Hotel (Iran Hotel booking )

Abbasi hotel is known as the most famous hotel of Isfahan and it is the first choice of nearly all foreign travelers. The most amazing thing that attract the attention of all people at first glance is the magnificent traditional architecture of this 5-star hotel at Isfahan. Staying at rooms at the old wing with garden view are suggested because the view of these rooms is very pleasant. The inner courtyard design is based on Old Persian Garden. A wide variety of services are available at this hotel, such as: fitness center, swimming pool, business center, sauna, different restaurants serving high quality and delicious meals and a popular traditional tea house. The location of Abbasi hotel is also perfect and from which you can go to visit Imam Square by foot in just few minutes.

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Viana Hotel (Isfahan Hotel)

Viana is a one-star hotel which is managed by a kind and helpful local family. At this hotel you feel like you are at home. Viana hotel is a bit far from city center and main historical attractions, however you can easily reach the city center with taxi. The main advantage of this hotel is its fair price. This hotel at Isfahan has been newly renovated and the rooms are clean and comfortable.

Kowsar Hotel (Hotel Isfahan)

Kowsar is a 5-star hotel located in the heart of Isfahan across the “Zayandeh Roud” River and the “Si-o-Seh Pol” Bridge. It is an old hotel which has been renovated completely few years ago. From this hotel, you can go easily by foot to the Armenian district of Isfahan and visit Vank cathedral. It is also 10 to 15 minute walk from this hotel to the center of town. Passengers have mentioned that serving breakfast at the restaurant located on the top floor of hotel with the view of river is one of the best features of this hotel.

Hotel Tehran

(Iran hotel booking) Setareh Hotel

One of the main advantages of Setareh 4-star hotel is its location, because most of the famous historical sights of Isfahan are located within walking distance from this hotel. Rooms at this hotel are nearly small but they are clean.

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Introducing tehran hotels

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Many hotels are located in Tehran. In this article, I want to introduce the 5 top-rated hotels in Tehran based on their ranks on TripAdvisor. We also discuss about travelers' point of view and their main reasons for choosing these hotels in Tehran.

Espinas Hotel (Iran hotel)

Espinas five-star hotel is located in the central part of Tehran in Keshavarz Boulevard. This hotel has been chosen as the best Tehran Hotel on TripAdvisor which really deserves it. From this hotel, you will have good access to most governmental organizations, main historical sites and also the old bazaar of Tehran. Because of its short distance from Iran main organizations, it is always one of the best choices for those business men who care about time. Because their time is too precious to be wasted in the crowded streets of Tehran. Clean, spacious and comfortable rooms and also high speed wireless internet are of other advantages of this modern and luxury hotel which has been built based on western standards.

Markazi Hotel (Tehran hotel )

This two-star hotel is the next choice of travelers on TripAdvisor and based on travelers' comments this hotel stands on the second rank in the list of Tehran top hotels. This hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Tehran, however the management of this hotel believes in yearly reconstruction and renovation of the hotel facilities in order to increase the travelers’ satisfaction. It is also located in the heart of Tehran at Lalezar Street. In addition to the good location of this hotel and its 5-minute distance from Saadi metro station, its rational price and the good temper of hotels staff are amongst main reasons of travelers for choosing Markazi Hotel at Tehran.

Parsian Azadi Hotel (hotel iran)

Parsian Azadi is one of the best 5-star hotels in Tehran in which most of famous leaders, dignitaries and diplomatic guests from all over the world have resided. This hotel was the Hyatt Hotel formerly and it was renamed to Parsian Azadi after the revolution of Iran. This hotel is located in the northern part of Tehran. Situating in a good district with pleasant climate in addition to its unique landscape to Alborz Mountains will make memorable stay for every travelers. Also, the vicinity of Azadi Hotel to main highways of Tehran is another main advantage of this hotel. By having different kinds of rooms and suites and also diverse restaurants and coffee shops, this luxury hotel in Tehran meet the needs of a wide range of travelers with different tastes.

Ibis and Novotel hotels (hotel tehran )

Ibis and Novotel Hotels are placed respectively in the fourth and fifth ranks in the list of chosen hotels in Tehran.

Ibis is a 4-star hotel. It is the first hotel built at Imam Khomeini International Airport by "Accor International Group".

The second hotel that has been launched by this group in Iran is called Novotel which is a 5-star hotel. This hotel is also located on the south side of the main terminal of Imam Khomeini International Airport beside Ibis hotel.

The building and the interior space of the lobby and rooms and also the equipment of both of these hotels are new and modern and are in accordance to the standards of hotels worldwide. At the terminal door, the shuttles are ready to transfer you to these hotels. You can also reach to Novotel hotel through a pedestrian bridge. 24-hour free shuttle at the door of these hotels are also ready to transfer the travelers to the airport every 20 minutes.

The trained staff of Ibis and Novotel hotels are too helpful and responsive.

Sure, these two hotels can be a good choice for those businessmen who want to stay for a short time at Tehran and don’t want to waste their time in the crowded streets of the capital city of Iran.

Eskan alvand hotel

Eskan Alvand 4-star hotel with its unique perspective is located in a cozy and quiet district of Tehran. From this hotel, the travelers will have easy access to public and private organizations, tourist attractions and shopping centers. The modern design of this hotel, it’s spacious and well- equipped rooms, beautiful restaurants with delicious International and Persian dishes and its coffee shop with yummy cakes and drinks are of travelers' main reasons for choosing this hotel.

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Iran Ski Resorts

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Skiing is one of the most attractive recreations in Iran. Iran is famous for its International and high quality ski resorts in the world. Because of placing Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges and also Sabalan and Sahand heights in Iran, a numerous number of ski resorts has been constructed on the slope of these mountains. Up to present, there are thirteen international ski resorts in Iran.

“Dizin” which is placed in northern mountains of Tehran (Gajereh district), is not only the main ski resort in Iran, but also the most authentic one in the Middle East area. It is also the first ski resort in Iran which was approved by the International Ski Federation for holding international official tournaments. It is equipped to three cable cars, two ski lifts, seven dish teleskis and one hammer teleski. Two hotels of “Dizin” and “Gajereh” and also some other residential centers, cottages and restaurants around it are ready to offer services to ski lovers.After Dizin, “Shemshak” which is placed 57 Km away from north-east Tehran, is the second main ski resort in Iran.“Tochal” is one of the most popular ski resorts which is located in the heart of “Shemiranat” district, Tehran. Because of high height of Tochal summit, it is covered with snow and so usable in nearly 8 months of the year. From the western slopes of Tochal resort, you can enjoy thebeautiful scenery of surrounding mountains.

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Qeshm Island

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Situated in the Persian Gulf just south of the port city Bandar Abbas, Qeshm is famed for its unspoilt natural beauty and diversity. The largest island in the Persian Gulf, Qeshm boasts some particularly impressive geological features: the Namakdan salt caves, for example, are reportedly the longest of their kind in the world. The intriguing erosions of the Chahkouh Valley are also worth a visit, if only for the eerie, post-apocalyptic ambiance they provide.

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Visit Kashan

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The historical city of kashan is a part of Isfahan province. This city has a warm and dry climate. Qamsar and Abyaneh are two towns around Kashan which are interesting for lots of tourists who would like to stay in iran hotel (hotel Iran) . Qamsar town is famous for producing rose water. In early May, you can smell the sweet fragrance of rose spreads over the streets of Qamsar and Niasar. Every year from early May to mid-June a ceremony is held in different towns of Kashan. Annually, lots of tourists participate in this ceremony. The attendance of foreign tourists helps much in improving Kashan economy.

Of Kashan important monuments that has still remained we can name "Agha Bozorg Mosque", "Jalali castle", "Sultan Amir shrine and bath", "Fin Garden and Bathroom", "Jameh Mosque of Kashan" and "Kashan Bazaar"

There are at least nineteen historical mansions with sophisticated architecture and luxurious elements in Kashan. "Boroujerdi House", "Ameri House", "Tabatabaei House" are some of these glorious mansions. There are some good hotels on this region, which can be reserved easily with good quality. For more information about Tehran hotel (hotel Tehran) please visit our website and about Iran booking ferdowsi hotel you may visit the page.

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Visit Yazd

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yazd is known as the city of Wind Catchers. This city is considered as the first adobe city in the world and is one of the oldest historical cities in Iran. So, lots of monuments are located in this city. Persian noble architecture can be seen in Yazd. Generally speaking, Yazd is regarded as the most religious city of Iran, because the residents are mostly Shia; however, a large number of Zoroastrians and other religious minorities live there too. Inside the city and around it, many Zoroastrian temples are placed, in which many special religious ceremonies are held weekly and monthly. Feast of “sadeh” is one of the most important Zoroastrian ceremonies held annually.

Yazd hotels have good quality in comparision with other iran hotel (hotels Iran). For instance in comparision with Tehran hotels(hotels of Tehran) , isfahan hotel or ...

Yazd is one of the important textiles centers in Iran. Yazd “Termeh” textile (a hand woven cloth) is too famous around the world. Confectionery is of important industries in Yazd. “Baghlava”, “Ghotab” and “Pashmak” are the most popular sweets cooked in the city.

“Jame Mosque” of Yazd is a great masterpiece of Iranian architecture. The construction of this mosque was started in the pre-Islamic era, but it was finished at recent decades. The building entrance is very high. The beautiful and unparalleled tile work is of its popularity main reasons.

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Visit Isfahan

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Have you heard about isfahan Attractions of Isfahan, travelling to Isfahan or Ancient monumnets of this city...

After Tehran and Mashhad, Isfahan is the most populated city of Iran. In respect of tourist attractions, it has a special position among other cities in respect of its ancient history. It had been the capital of Iran in different eras. A significant number of monuments are located in Isfahan. Isfahan is famous for its magnificent Islamic architecture.

If you like to reserve Iran hotels, you should note that all of the best hotels of Iran are not just part of Tehran hotels or shiraz hotels. Also Isfahan hotels are good and have well equiped.

"Naqsh-e Jahan” or “Imam” Square

"Naqsh-e Jahan” or “Imam” Square in one of the largest squares in the world and is a good example of Islamic architecture which has been registered in UNESCO. It is the venue for many national and religious ceremonies. “Alighapoo” mansion, “Imam” mosque, “Sheik Lotfollah” mosque and “Gheysariye” market entrance are placed in this square. Shops on the square and “Gheysariye” old market are best places to buy handicrafts and souvenir. “Imam” mosque has remained from Safavid era in Iran. “Sheik Lotfollah” mosque is known as one of the most beautiful monuments in the world and it was built on the orders of Shah Abbas in the reign of the Safavids. “Alighapoo” mansion is located opposite to “Sheik Lotfollah” mosque. This mansion has not only aesthetic value, but also acoustic value because of circular niches.

For our programms and tours of Iran for showing Iran attractions to tourists, you can see our attraction list age.

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Best time for traveling to Iran

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Generally speaking, Iran is a fantastic country. You can travel to Iran whenever in the year you desire. It is you that should make

your decision about the time of your travel. For doing this, first of all, you have to specify the aim of your travel to Iran and then choose the cities you mostly like to visit. Here you can find some suggestions for making better decision regarding the time for travelling to different cities of Iran and book best Iran hotel' s online. And also if you like to know more about Iran Attraction list (Iran tours) you can check and see which tours would be better and more exciting for you and your friends.
Iran is a four-season country with moderate weather in most months. Anytime you enter Iran, you can enjoy the variety of climates.

All-told, spring and autumn are the most pleasant times to visit Iran. In these two seasons, the weather is too mild and you can travel to any cities of Iran and enjoy the exquisite weather. April and May are during the springtime in Iran and the weather is inimitable during these two months for nature lovers. The trees are full of blossom and the sweet aroma can be smelled everywhere. Shiraz, kashan, Isfahan and Tehran are amongst top destinations we suggest you to visit during these months. From early May to mid-June, a ceremony of making rose water is held in Kashan. This ceremony is very attractive for tourists and every year lots of foreign tourists come to Iran to witness this traditional rite. In Kashan and Isfahan you can make your travel more memorable by staying in traditional houses and hotels.
For more information and more articles about traveling to Iran, please visit our website.

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Reserve Iran hotels online

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One of our goals is to provide good time and help them to have fun in Iran. If you want to travel to this country and enjoy your Journey, we will help you. We provide some facilities for tourists who would like to reserve iran hotel online.

Can you guess why we insist on that issue? Beacuse it is very important to book best hotels in your destination country that you like to travel.

Therfore not only you can book best hotels of Iran in our web site, but also you can read some usefull articles in order to become familiar with Iranian culture, Iranians, Iran weather and extra in our Articles page.

Also getting Visa of Iran, for you would be easy and you dont need to be worry about it. It would be interesting for you to know that you can rent car in Iran.

You can enjoy visiting Iran and reserve Iran tours (if you stay in Tehran hotels or other cities) and then have good time in hotels. Eating delicius Iranian foods, watching TV channels, swimming in the pools or Caspean sea, talking to Iranians and...

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Book Iran hotels

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Have you ever heard about travel to Iran? staying in iran hotel (best hotel iran) and enjoy it's attractions?

So if you are interested to know about this wonderfull country and want to talk with Iranians, travel around Iran , eat Iranian traditional foods, swimming in Caspian sea or Persian Gulf, mountain climbing, walking in the forests and...

You can enjoy all of this facilities in one country and one land with lots of historical monuments and amazing buildings. Many tourists are keen to see interesting places of Iran which are famous in the world (for instance: Persepolis, Hafez tomb, Damavand mountain, Mazandaran sea coast, Golestan forest and...)

iran hotel reservation is so easy and fast for all people who would like to book Iran hotels.

Iran is the land of Art, beauty, culture and nice people. Iranians are famous for having good behavior with foreigners. It's very intersting for many tourists who visit Iran and find that they have choice to travel different regions of Iran with different weathers. For instance if you book any Tehran hotels and have enough time, you can go to north Iran (Mazandaran, Gilan or Golestan provine) to swimm in Caspean sea and visit beautiful jungles there or go to deserts in center or east of Iran and walk in the desert and enjoy sun light.

On the other hand, Iran has good hotels in comparision to other Asian countries. Nice staff, good quality of service and extra.

Also you have the choice to travel west and north west Iran for mountain climbing and stay in high mountains of Iran.

So at the end we say: Welcome to Iran

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